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    Ŕobińhood Lógin is a cryptocurrency exchange in the United States. Ŕobińhood holds the largest BTC/EUR market since it serves a significant number of European users at the same time. Ŕobińhood has earned the trust of its users and has remained unaffected by the "shady" transactions that occur from time to time in the cryptocurrency industry. Technical analysis tools abound on the trading platform. The commissions are comparable to the market average.

    How do I send a domestic wire transfer to Ŕobińhood from Wells Fargo?


    Answer -

    1. Inside your Ŕobińhood account, look for our wire instructions.

    2. Register at Ŕobińhood.com.

    At the top of the screen, select Funding and then the Deposit option.

    3. Look for USD (US Dollar) and select it.

    4. Select MVB Bank (Wire) on the next screen, and the deposit instructions will appear.

    5. Log in to your Wells Fargo online banking account.

    6. Select Wire Money.

    7. Add Ŕobińhood to the list of recipients.

    7. Making the transfer

    8. Select the account from which the funds will be sent.

    9. Enter the transfer's dollar amount.

    10. In the Message to recipient's bank field, type your account's unique reference (which you obtained in step 1).

    11. Include the account number provided in the Ŕobińhood Lógin wire instructions. Enter the account number you received previously.

    12. Add recipient information

    Select Continue after entering the address information you got in step 1. Then double-check the information and select Continue again.

    13. Complete the transfer and mail it.

    Check the information you've supplied and send the transfer if everything is correct.


    Why is there a withdrawal hold on my account?


    Answer - Certain deposits, such as first-time ACH quick payments, debit or credit card transactions, or purchases made with a digital wallet, may result in a 72-hour withdrawal hold on Ŕobińhood Lógin. Deposits from specific banks, as well as security concerns, might cause withdrawal holds.


    Trading is unaffected by the withdrawal hold; you will be allowed to trade during that time.


    If you have any additional questions concerning a specific hold on your account, contact support for more information.